Diakomanolis Prize

Submission deadline: 30th April 2022

The European Federation for Colposcopy is delighted to offer the Diakomanolis Prize of 5000 Euro to award a trainee in colposcopy who would benefit from additional training to an expert level and disseminate the newly acquired learning to the applicant’s local colposcopy service. The prize is to go towards training a doctor in colposcopy from a European country, including up-to-date options of management of precancerous lesions of the cervix and lower genital tract. 

To select this doctor, a proforma application of 500 words (maximum) should be submitted by the applicant electronically to the EFC stating why the trainee wishes the proposed training and what benefit the applicant hopes to gain. 

Please include on the application what benefits there are to the trainee’s intended client population, where the trainee would work post-qualification and whether the trainee would have an opportunity to train others (please provide details). 

Please include a section on what the applicant would use the funding for.  

The trainee must specify in what language they would prefer their training to be provided. The trainee would have to be fluent in that language. 

Some prior experience in colposcopy is preferred and this should be detailed in the application. 

A counter signature from the trainee’s educational lead would be required to validate the suitability of the application. 

Finally, a follow-up report would be expected at the end of training.